RTG Bingo Games

Bingo is a very popular game usually played in a Bingo Hall. RTG has been offering Bingo games to players from around the world and with great graphics, sounds and payouts, players will be able to enjoy this classic game in the safe environment of an RTG online casino. Bingo is a very easy game to learn and play, which is why it is a great game for any new players at an RTG casino, such as The Virtual Casino. To make the game even more interesting, players will be able to switch the value of their Bingo cards, allowing them to win more when they complete a pattern. RTG Bingo is reliable, fast and enjoyable, providing hours of Bingo entertainment.

The most popular Bingo game from RTG is Bonus Bingo. His game is offered at the top casinos powered by RTG and is one of the more popular games offered at Slotsville. This game can be accessed on the specialty games page of the casino. Bonus Bingo is played line traditional Bingo, using 75 balls. Each player will receive cards with 24 random numbers on them. During the game, 44 balls will be drawn and players will have to mark the numbers on their cards. If the numbers complete a pattern, players will receive a payout. The game provides a pattern table, so there are multiple ways to win while playing this great game from RTG. When patterns contain more numbers, the payouts will be higher. Should patterns overlap, only the larger pattern will be paid.

When players begin Bonus Bingo, they will receive four cards displayed on the screen. These cards are chosen at random and players can select to change cards if they wish. It is also possible to deactivate cards so players do not always have to play all four. The same bet will have to be placed on all cards. Players can select a bet between $0.05 and $1.00. The largest payout for a $1.00 bet will be $3000.

The thing that makes Bonus Bingo unique is the added features in the game. Players will have the chance to win a random multiplier that could double or triple the value. If this multiplier is awarded, players can only apply it to one of the active cards in the game. If that card produces a winning pattern, players will multiply the amount of the win.

Another feature is the Mystery Balls feature. This is only activated when all cards are being played. This feature will draw Mystery Balls at random and they will award players with extra credits.

Bonus Bingo is one of the most popular games in online casinos featuring RTG games. This Bongo game provides players with the chance to win some great payouts while playing a traditional game they love. RTG casinos attract players from around the world and many of these players have enjoyed the action provided with Bonus Bingo. If any player is a Bingo fan, they should definitely check out this top notch Bingo game from RTG. With the added features and the opportunity to change the coin sizes n cards, players will have some great chances at winning at this game.

Online Bingo has become a popular game for many players and when accessing RTG casinos, players will find the game to be exciting, unique and very rewarding. With various types of Bingo games supported, players will always find a game to meet their needs and fit in with their casino budget. RTG Bingo is a great choice for new players as well as those with much Bingo experience.